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About Jeff

Jeff Judson is the only candidate for Texas House District 121 with a 30 year record of standing up for the conservative cause and fighting for low taxes and limited government.

Jeff Judson is an 8th generation Texan who has been an activist for smaller government, serving as a congressional staffer, think tank president, local elected official, and public policy consultant. An effective leader, Jeff was recognized as one of the “Most Influential People in San Antonio” by the San Antonio Express News because of his leadership in twice defeating wasteful light rail projects in San Antonio.

Jeff is an associate with Kaeppel Consulting, LLC, which helps private companies and government agencies cut down on wasteful bureaucracy, increase productivity by offering solutions to improve workplace morale and create a culture of constant improvement– the same changes he wants to make in state government.

As a public policy consultant, he has represented a number of Fortune 500 firms seeking freedom from government regulatory burdens by working with grassroots organizations, academics, and think tanks to change the national debate.

Jeff has extensive experience working in government, grassroots movements, and the Republican Party. He was elected four times to the Olmos Park City Council, fighting for common sense reforms and fiscal responsibility. He served as President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation for eight years, building it into one of the most influential limited government, free market think tanks in the U.S, and until recently served as a Senior Fellow and Board member of the Heartland Institute and on the board of the San Antonio Tea Party. Jeff is also a committeeman on the State Republican Executive Committee representing Texas Senate District 25.

Jeff was born in San Antonio and graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Philosophy. He and his wife Margaret were married in 1989, and the couple have three children, with the oldest enrolled at Texas A&M University. He and his family are members of Grace Fellowship (Anglican) Church. Margaret also serves as an elected member of the Alamo Heights Independent School District Board of Trustees.