Judson & Associates change the national debate to help clients influence federal, state, and local policy. Rather than launching mere issue campaigns, we create movements.

We do this in a unique and powerful way by recruiting and educating independent outside advocates who have their own considerable spheres of influence and who greatly influence the national, state, and local debate on public policy issues. As a result, Judson & Associates is a totally unique public policy consultancy.

With three decades of experience working with and shaping political and policy movements, Jeff Judson and his colleagues around the U.S. offer clients a powerful and highly effective means of passing their legislative agendas.

By recruiting influential, independent, third party thought leaders to advocate for client policy positions, clients see their policy goals articulated frequently in the media, and advocated directly to lawmakers, regulators, and other influential audiences.

As such, media hits and successful advocacy occur with greater frequency than with any other campaign technique and at a fraction of the cost of other large scale efforts. Advocates include think tanks, grassroots activists, and politicians themselves the people who start and fuel movements.

No other firm in the country has this capability.

For more information, contact Jeff Judson at (210) 822 1292 or email.

Areas of Expertise
  • Economic & Political Theory
  • Education
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Privatization
  • Tax Policy
  • Telecommunications
  • Tort Reform
  • Transportation
  • Urban Development
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