More About Jeff

Jeff Judson is a San Antonio native, small-business man, originator of conservative political and policy movements, and a conservative think tank fellow. Jeff currently serves as Vice President for Strategic Planning for a small drug development company, Aminex Therapeutics, developing a powerful new cancer immunotherapy drug.  He also works as a public policy consultant to promote free market/limited government policies at the federal, state, and local level.

Active in Texas politics since 1984, he is a Tea Party conservative, impatient with the slow pace of government reform in Washington, DC. The San Antonio Express News named him one of the most influential people in San Antonio, largely stemming from his leadership to defeat wasteful, federally funded, light rail transit twice at the polls. Jeff represented much of the area as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee for State Senate District 25. More recently he is recognized for his courageous effort to unseat Speaker Joe Straus in the Texas House.

Jeff and his wife Margaret both worked in Congress in the 1980s for the 21st Congressional District as young legislative staffers. When Jeff was only 23 years old, he was a legislative correspondent for Congressman Tom Loeffler and later the Legislative Assistant for Agriculture policy. As such, he answered literally thousands of letters from Hill Country residents who were writing their Congressman, and he developed a deep understanding of the culture of the Texas Hill Country.

Next, Jeff worked for Congressman Tom DeLay as his Chief Legislative Assistant, and later was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to the U.S. Department of Energy in a nuclear defense program. After eight years in the swamp, Jeff and Margaret decided to head back home to Texas to start a family.

Back in Texas, Jeff took a job at USAA as a direct report to General Robert F. McDermott who was the USAA chairman for 25 years. In this position, Jeff helped fight lawsuit abuse and start the movement to fight personal injury trial lawyer political influence.

In 1994 Jeff became President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Texas’ foremost conservative think tank. Over the next eight years, Jeff fought the political establishment in Austin and built TPPF into one of the most influential limited government, free market think tanks in America. Texas newspapers termed it “the official think tank of the Texas Republican Party” given the popularity of its policy ideas among leading elected officials in the state.

Beginning in 2003, Jeff founded Judson & Associates, a public policy consultancy working on limited government free market issues at the federal, state and local level. During this time, he was elected four times to the Olmos Park City Council, a town of 2,400 residents in the San Antonio area.

Jeff is also currently a Senior Fellow of the Heartland Institute, a national think tank whose mission is to discover, develop and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.

Born in San Antonio Jeff is an eighth generation Texan. He is a graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Philosophy. His wife Margaret, is an elected member of the Alamo Heights School District Board of Trustees. Jeff owns a small ranch in Sisterdale with his three brothers. The Judson’s are active in their church and have three children with one in high school, one enrolled at Texas A&M University (both Eagle Scouts), and the oldest, their daughter, a 3-year graduate of Texas A&M.

Jeff experienced firsthand the negative influences of Washington, DC that tend to transform even conservative lawmakers into establishment cronies after a few years in office. Like a Navy Seal trained in the torture methods of the enemy, Jeff knows what to expect and how to stay true to the wise voters back home who are more grounded in reality than are the Washington elite.